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Ubuntu Podcast Episode #1

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Show Notes

  • 8.04.1 – Release announcement. Some highlights:
    • Firefox has been upgraded to the final 3.0 release
    • The Samba client allows LANMAN authentication again, correcting problems connecting to some NAS and older Windows servers (#209520).
    • Various problems with the FUSE interface to GNOME’s new virtual file system (gvs) have been fixed, correcting certain problems accessing network file shares (#211205, #212789).
    • The “Hardware Drivers” application no longer reports the proprietary nVidia driver as being enabled when it isn’t installed (#216650).
    • While we have fixed a number of audio-related issues, including a scheduler problem that caused audio stuttering under load (#188226), other audio playback problems may still exist, because so far we have been unable to verify a targeted fix that does not cause regressions for other users. We will continue to investigate this  See for details.
    • Images updated for Kubuntu, the Kubuntu KDE4 remix, Gobuntu, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio. Mythbuntu to follow soon.
    • ISOs also have OpenSSL fixes
  • Alpha 2 out – Release announcement. Remember, this isn’t production ready yet!
    • Updated 7.4, video might break.
    • Only Alternate CDs available, Live CDs coming for Alpha 3
  • GUADEC- GNOME conference in Istanbul, Turkey, July 7-12th.
    • plans involving moving on and creating GTK 3.0 and Gnome 3.0. More news should be coming out this week.
  • Terminator Terminal – multiple terminals in one window.Can split horizontally and vertically.
    • Tab support
    • Drag & Drop support
    • Support terminal zooming – now you can quickly hide all terminals apart from one and either scale the fontsize or not.
  • UDS-Intrepid Discussions: Jorge Castro, who works for Canonical and deals with upstream projects, put together a summary of the UDS discussions.  Highlights:
    • 3G networking
      • Assemble a list of frequently used hardware and 3G providers in the markets with the highest 3G penetration.
      • Get most important hardware and subscriptions early in the release cycle to ensure that as many options as possible can be verified and get fixed.
    • Better FF 3 and KDE integration
    • Better flash integration, even though Gnash is the long term goal
    • More options for the Ubuntu Firewall
    • These are just discussions, there is no guarantee these will show up in the final release.
  • Best Buy Selling Ubuntu – providing 60 day support and a quick start guide.

Written by linuxcrypt

July 12th, 2008 at 1:33 pm