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Feedback & Errata #1 | LAS | s19e02

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The big show covers a lot of epic ground, this week, we fire up our ACTION camp stoves and pitch a tent! Powered by your feedback, we cover your ideas, suggestions and correct a few mistakes!

Plus: The DoD thinks Open Source is ready for duty, we look back at Ubuntu’s 7 years, and fire the ACTION cannon at ZDNet’s latest Linux link bait!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

Thanks to: Use our codes LINUX to save 10% at checkout, or LINUX20 to save 20% on hosting!

20% off WebSite Tonight plans (12 months or longer)

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  • By: Nov 15, 2011

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David Gewirtz

He worked on a project called Frontier Kernel, he added sqlite and mysql support to it. So he is a “kernel” developer, but in the larger context of OS kernel development.

Errata & Feedback:

  • Felix Albrecht – Just saw your review and liked it a lot (more action like back in the days ;P), but you complained about two points which are not correct (or I misunderstood)
  • if you configure backup, there is an option ready to backup directly to your UbuntuOne storage
  • in the Ubuntu Software Center, there is an option under File -> “Sync between computers” to sync your installed applications between your computers using UbuntuOne
  • Jupiter Colony is a steaming pile of dog crap! Looking for someone to run it for us and make it more respectable!
  • From where i can find really old LAS podcasts?
  • Make ubuntu gnome3 look more like gnome2 (erroneously said allowed gnome2)
  • 7 Best GNOME Shell Extensions, Install in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric via PPA
  • VirtualBox: There are no longer a open source and proprietary version. There is only the GPL version which can be extended by an optional proprietary plugin. See…
  • VirtualBox correction In short: You can use the version from your distro repo and just download the extension file if you need the extra features.

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October 23rd, 2011 at 4:06 pm

Killer Rubber | J@N | 208

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The guys rip through some geek news you can use, then kick around a Bewitched remake, Eureka’s unfortunate state, Catwoman’s crazy new costume and the secret Marvel movies for the next few years!

Then its our complete review of the movie made for no reason, Rubber! Find out how this homicidal tire will change a small town forever.

Show Notes:






The weirdest goddam movie ever: RUBBER

Ok, it’s about a sentient tire with psychic powers. But it’s also not about him. It’s also about film in general. And about the concept of spectating films. Very meta.

This movie was made by the same asshole, who is now a DJ, that made this song (which was, apparently a huge hit in Europe):

* Next Week *
The Mercury Men

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August 12th, 2011 at 12:20 am

Horrible’s Sing-Along | J@N | 207

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We kick around the latest movie rumors, the good news from SyFy & and the very bad, plus a full retrospective review of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!

Show Notes:

Captain America | J@N | 206

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It’s our complete review of Captain America: The First Avengers and why it’s an absolute success that locks in the Avenger series!

Plus: The full cast is back and we dive into the very best of Comic Con, and also the very worst. Then we update you on some important movie updates, and perhaps what’s Nintendo biggest failure yet!

Show Notes:


Comic-Con So Hard:





Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!by popular request!

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July 29th, 2011 at 12:27 am

Summer Movie Kick Offs | J@N | 205

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We start with video games and a very strong Dr. Who game rumor. Then we’ll tell you a bit about Marvel’s plans for “Season One” comics, and then dig into the big movies left in 2011!

Plus we’ve just watched Blade Runner: The Final Cut and the panel is ready to give you our complete thoughts and review!

Show Notes:






Blade Runner loosely based on the novel : Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
+ A science fiction novel by American writer Philip K. Dick first published in 1968. The main plot follows Rick Deckard, a bounty hunter of androids, while the secondary plot follows John Isidore, a man of sub-normal intelligence who befriends some of the androids.
* The novel is set in a post-apocalyptic near future, where the Earth and its populations have been damaged greatly by Nuclear War during World War Terminus. Most types of animals are endangered or extinct due to extreme radiation poisoning from the war. To own an animal is a sign of status, but what is emphasized more is the empathic emotions humans experience towards an animal.

From the Wikipedia Article
The Final Cut contains the following differences (in order of appearance) from the 1992 Director’s Cut:
  • The fireballs in the opening refinery shot are correctly synchronized with the associated light play on the smokestacks. Some of these had been off-sync in earlier versions.
  • The close-up of an eye overlooking the Hades landscape is no longer the static image seen in previous versions. The eye’s pupil now reacts to the fireball and the eyelids move realistically. Also, the reflection of the cityscape below appears to move ever so slightly.
  • The shot of Deckard waiting to eat at the White Dragon has been shortened, its editing reminiscent of the workprint version of the shot. This was done due to the removal of the voiceover.
  • The cables lifting Gaff’s police spinner are no longer plainly visible. Cables were also removed from another shot of a spinner late in the film, just before Deckard enters Sebastian’s apartment building.
  • In addition to English the voices on police radio during Gaff’s and Deckard’s flight to the police headquarters can be heard speaking German, Japanese and Swedish.
  • A repeated visual effects shot showing the city outside Gaff’s Spinner has been adjusted very slightly: The once-obvious radar dish has been removed in the second use of the shot.
  • As Deckard enters Bryant’s office, Bryant’s statement “I’ve got four skinjobs walking the streets” is no longer obviously a spliced-in re-recording.
  • Bryant’s line “One of them got fried running through an electrical field” is changed to “Two of them…” to remove the numerical inconsistency later on.
  • Bryant adds a new line about Leon being able to “lift 400 pound atomic loads all day and night.” This is from the workprint.
  • A new cityscape horizon has been added to the shot of Gaff’s Spinner coming in for a landing at the Tyrell Corporation.
  • Additional Spinner air traffic has been added in the distance outside the large window of Tyrell’s conference room.
  • When Gaff and Deckard first appear at Leon’s apartment, the landlord now says “Kowalski,” another small bit originally from the workprint.
  • A background behind Batty when he is first introduced speaking to Leon has been changed and the thumb on his shoulder has been removed. As the shot was taken from a later scene, this has now been corrected to appear as if Batty is actually in the phone booth as Leon finds him.
  • The matte painting establishing the cityscape down the street from the Bradbury Building has been adjusted for improved realism, including fixing the perspective of the Pan-Am logo on one animated billboard.
  • The original full-length version of the unicorn dream has been restored. This is a much different version than the one that appeared in the Director’s Cut, and has never been in any version seen by the public prior to this one. Deckard is shown to be awake; previously he was asleep or nearly asleep.
  • The Unicorn’s horn has been digitally stabilized to minimize the unrealistic wobble of the horn appliance seen previously.
  • The sequence at the fish booth now shows Deckard leaving.
  • Deckard’s conversation with the snake merchant Abdul Ben Hassan has been altered so that the dialogue is no longer out of sync; Ford’s son, Ben, lip-synched the spoken dialog and his mouth was digitally placed over his father’s.
  • A shot of the busy crowds in the streets was restored. Immediately after that, a shot of two strippers wearing hockey goalie masks was restored. Finally, there’s a shot of Deckard talking to another police officer just prior to Deckard entering the Snake Pit. These three shots had previously appeared in slightly different form in the workprint version.
  • During Deckard’s pursuit of Zhora, Joanna Cassidy’s face has been digitally superimposed over that of the stunt double, Lee Pulford. This scene was re-filmed specifically for the Final Cut. Although great effort had been undertaken to replace the stunt double face with Cassidy’s, the tan-colored protective suit Pulford wore to protect against glass cuts is still visible.
  • A scar on Deckard’s face after his “retirement” of Zhora has been removed. Originally, the scene in which Deckard meets Bryant after retiring Zhora was to take place after his encounter with Leon, explaining the scar. This was done prior to the removal of the “sixth replicant,” creating a continuity error. Due to the re-ordering, the scar was always present before Deckard had actually received it.
  • When Batty confronts Tyrell, he says, “I want more life, father”; this is from the workprint version, an alternate take intended for—but never used—in television broadcasts of the film, as opposed to the original line, “I want more life, fucker.” The line also has a noticeably deeper tonal quality than the previous versions.
  • After killing Tyrell, Batty says “I’m sorry Sebastian. Come. Come.” In the original he merely approached the frightened Sebastian. This is also from the workprint.
  • As Deckard moves through Sebastian’s apartment, the once-obvious shadows of the camera crew have been digitally removed from the back wall.
  • The fight between Pris and Deckard is partly altered in the Final Cut; some small part fell away. The inserted part is from the international release from 1982.
  • After Deckard has shot Pris the first time, a second shot is inserted prior to the second one from the DC (which is now the third); all three shots were also originally part of the international release from 1982.
  • When Batty puts the nail into his hand after Batty and Deckard had fought in the bathroom, he pushes it through and the nail is coming out of his hand on the top.
  • As Deckard climbs up the roof, Batty was digitally placed into the open window, because he was missing there between two scenes.
  • Deckard does not wander around the roof as long as in the DC.
  • As Deckard flees Batty, the matte painting with a TDK neon sign has been cleaned-up a bit to look more realistic, and the TDK sign itself has been added to a subsequent shot for better continuity.
  • All the violent scenes in the International Cut that were deleted in the U.S. theatrical release and in the Director’s Cut—including Tyrell’s death, the confrontation between Deckard and Pris, and the nail through Batty’s bleeding hand—are restored to the Final Cut.
  • After Batty releases the dove, it now flies up into a dark rainy sky instead of a clear blue sky. Also, the original building (the undressed side of a soundstage) has been replaced with a more appropriate retrofit apartment building. The background has also been enhanced with a cluster of circa 2019 buildings more in keeping with the film’s dark futuristic setting.

Champions / Marvel | MMOrgue 3

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In this week’s MMOrgue, we’re digging up the dirt on the world of superhero MMOs! Join us as we don our capes and tights to take a look at the latest troubling reports from inside Marvel Universe Online, as well as examine the effects that SOE’s network security issues and subsequent outage have had on DC Universe Online.

Last but not least, we examine the announcement that Atari is parting ways with Champions Online developer, Cryptic Studios. What has motivated this divestment, and what could this mean for the studio’s future and existing projects?

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Show Notes:

First, to respond to some feedback:

“The dark theme and name do not suit the show’s content.”

  • First the obvious reasoning behind the name: Everybody talkes about MMOs, and everybody considers themselves an expert worthy of a name and brand. Hence, MMO-everything is taken. I kid you not.
  • More importantly, the concept of looking at the inner workings of a living industry is very much in line with the idea of cataloguing and studying our dead.
    • I chose this theme and name to illustrate a scientific and analytic approach to the stories that will be covered herein.
    • The communities, technologies, and professionals of this industry are very much the heart, lungs and brains of any MMO. Without analysing what motivates and drives any of these, we potentially lose sight of the whole.
  • And lastly, the MMO industry is a dangerous place. Covering titles and technologies that are dead, and finding out what put them there, is something that WILL be covered on this show.

“You need a co-host.”

  • If this was a show about sharing the latest press releases and announcements, I would be inclined to agree. Finding commentary and conversation on such topics is easy, and flows best between separate minds.
    • However, as this show is 100% editorial driven, the content is created from the mind of its host. Increasing the number of minds involved would only fragment the content and any opinions contained herein.
  • That said, there will occasionally be important industry events which either slip my radar, or about which I know too little to accurately form an editorial opinion.
    • In these circumstances, I intend to invite “correspondents” to join me on air to discuss those particular situations. If you feel as though you would like to become a correspondent, please contact me by posting at, or by emailing, to start a discussion on what content you would like to present to our audience.

DCUO and SOE outage

  • Infographic
  • On May 2nd, SOE went dark. Then hundreds of thousands of gamers cried out in frustration, and never went silent.
  • It took almost two weeks to get the network, and all of Sony’s games, back up and running and (apparently) secure from further invasion. That outage is estimated to have cost SOE a total of $171 million.
  • And this is AFTER a fiscal year that ended in March, which reported an annual loss of $3.2 billion for the company.

What does this rough patch mean for the future of DCUO?

  • Nobody at SOE is making any official statements yet, other than to say that DCUO’s population is currently “very good.”
  • In the past 3 months, there have been two replacements among the DCUO project’s upper management that were made from within … existing execs taking on extra responsibility instead of promotions, or new hires.
  • And this after the project suffered a round of layoffs in April.
  • It is likely that subscriptions will see a noteworthy drop due to the outage. Even with the incentives being offered by SOE by way of apology.
    • This comes down to Consumer Confidence, which is fancy way of saying “people don’t like to be jerked around.”
    • SOE has a large overhead, capable of supporting a few rocky patches. Even so, they’ve been known to shut down games (Matrix Online).
  • GOOD NEWS: Apparently this outage scared SOE into being more interactive with their customers, and their forums are now ablaze with Dev Posts at regular intervals sharing REAL info instead of SOE’s standard practice of silence and mystery.
    • Let’s hope it lasts.


  • Just days before the SOE network outage, it was announced that ALL of the existing DCUO servers would soon be merged into a few instanced networks called “MegaServers.”
  • Through the use of “phasing” technology, players will still be participating in areas that will have reasonable populations.
  • The benefit of this is to allow all of the back-end queueing for Raids, Duos, Alerts, and PvP to work across ALL players (on a per-platform basis).
  • The idea of server mergers has always been seen as a bad thing by the MMO press. It indicates a population decline, and a lack of interest.
    • This MAY be different, as this sounds more like a fundamental tech shift, and not just a run-of-the-mill merger.
    • However, it is still addressing an issue that would not be present if the game had a large and active population of gamers (queue times for instanced content).
  • Community outcry of “name collision” issues, and lack of solid responses from SOE, are causing additional schisms and rage among players.

Champions Online – Atari divests itself from Cryptic

First, rumor killing:
- Nothing is happening YET. Atari has only announced their INTENT to divest. They have not announced that they are seeking a buyer, nor that any change of staff will occur as a result of this decision.

Atari is making a Bad Choice

  • Investing in casual markets
    • Casual / Facebook games do not create brand recognition, fan loyalty or press.
    • As this market continues to mature, games will become more and more complex and impressive until their development budgets rival current standalone titles.
    • Long-term investment in this area will continue to require more and more finances to remain competitive. It is not a quick and cheap money-maker market.
  • Profits continue to rise
    • 17.3 million prior year, 7 million this year, next year = ??
    • While actively developing at least one unreleased title – Neverwinter
    • Early indications that Champions Online move to F2P has resulted in huge increase in profits, which only occurred in Q3 of 2010.
  • Foundry Tech
    • No other MMO has created such a successful and robust UGC tool, and it is now available to be ported to all titles using the Cryptic Engine: STO, CO and NWO.
    • Giving the power of content creation to users opens up new doors to new types of gamers, and creates a powerful sense of community.
    • Other MMO devs would probably love to get their hands on this technology…

Independence for Cryptic?

  • In today’s MMO landscape, no Dev survives alone.
  • They all need a publisher, and most publishers end up owning the Dev studio
    • Blizzard was acquired by Activision in 2007
    • Bioware became a part of EA in 2007
    • Turbine, the biggest example of a successful “indie” developer, was purchased by Warner Bros in 2010.
  • To date, no major developer has managed to leave its parent publishing company, and survive. In fact, it’s such a risky prospect that studios typically just dissolve rather than even attempt it.

So then, who buys Cryptic?

  • I think it’d be a bit presumptuous for me, as a gamer and not a financial analyst, to try and make an educated guess on this one.
  • has a couple good editorials that cover most of the major candidates in this area. Check the show notes for details, as I don’t have much else to add to the discussion at this point.
  • Fans of Star Trek Online are hoping that the company is acquired by CBS, the IP holder of the Star Trek franchise.
    • Would CBS be interested in entering the online gaming arena? They haven’t yet.

Future of Neverwinter IP?
Possibly the biggest question mark in all of this…

  • Atari holds publishing rights on all Dungeons & Dragons products until 2017.
  • A lot of money and time already invested in the project, including a co-publishing deal with a line of novels written by R.A. Salvatore, and a deal with Wizards of the Coast for additional tie-ins.
  • Unlikely that Atari will let this one go completely.
    • It will either get pulled from Cryptic and given to another studio with Atari maintaining their publishing oversight, or a new deal will be worked out to keep Atari on board in spite of their divestment from the studio.
    • Either option discounts the title from being a bargaining tool in obtaining a new investment partner.

Marvel Universe


  • Attempting to live under the title of “First ever AAA F2P MMO in the West, at time of launch”
    • Color me completely unimpressed.
    • First of all, you can’t CLAIM a title like “Triple-A” without having a product. At this time, with the total lack of game footage, screenshots, timelines for beta/release, or even branding… what is here to lay claim to?
    • This just sounds like empty hype, from a company that has already started disappointing us with overblown hype for their other unlaunched MMO, Jumpgate:Evolution.

No Character Customization
Rank this as my “most worrying” concern for this title.

  • On the one hand, it will allow players to jump into game as iconic well-known superheroes from the Marvel franchise.
    • A lot of people will find this appealing, as evidenced by the outstanding sales records for single-player superhero titles like “Ultimate Alliance.”
    • Developers at Secret Identify Studios claim this will make everyone feel more heroic, and “we won’t be merely ‘sidekicks.’”
      • EMPTY CLAIM — CO allows heroes to feel like heroes, and even have their own Nemesis with minions and a base. What sidekick has that?!
  • On the other, how many Wolverines and Hulks will be roaming around? Or will each server have only one instance of each? Where’s the “massive” in this MMO, if that’s the case?
    • And how about progression? If you have to unlock the powers of your favorite superheroes, how do you explain them losing their abilities at the start of the story?
  • Possibly one of the biggest selling points of superhero MMOs to date, has been character customization. CoX and CO had it in droves, and DCUO’s comparative lack of options brought them a lot of criticism from MMO players and press.
    • This is a technological step backwards, and will only work if this is NOT a true MMO as we’ve come to define it.
    • If this is just another “X-Men Legends” or “Ultimate Alliance” with robust online matchmaking services, then it could work.
    • But any form of persistence, progression and community, will be lost without personalization of your avatar.

Written by Bendis
This has the potential to make me excited.

  • Brian Michael Bendis is the godfather of Marvel’s “Ultimate” universe, and creator of some of the most critically acclaimed stories ever to spring from comic books. Including “Avengers Disassembled,” “House of M,” “Civil War,” and “Secret Invasion.”
  • He claims to be writing stories for MUO that will portray some of the most iconic moments from each characters’ lore, and re-imagine them into events that players will experience in-game.
  • Not much else to say about it, really. Bendis has never really done anything ‘wrong’ (except, arguably, killing off Hawkeye… ) so it’s great news for the story side of the game.
  • Between this, and the news that R.A. Salvatore is writing for Cryptic’s “Neverwinter,” it could set a precedence in the industry to bring in more established high-profile writers to flesh out the story of an MMO. Nothing wrong with that at ALL. There’s a reason they are high-profile after all… it’s because they’re AWESOME.


Man… this whole episode was a lot of bad news, wasn’t it? And here I was hoping that superheroes were a HAPPY topic of conversation…

Well, maybe next week will turn some of that around…

+ RIFT feedback and discussion
+ 2KGames enters the MMO arena, through a partnership with XLGames (Lineage)
+ Bioware talks Mass Effect MMO


Alrighty Thor | J@N | 5.5.11

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Superhero movie? You bet we’re excited! This weekend marks the release of the next portion of the Avengers franchise, “Thor.” We’re getting HAMMERED on all the geeky reviews and insider footage coming out, in preparation for an epic release this weekend.

But we have issues to discuss! Will we see it in 3D? Isn’t Thor supposed to be a god? Aren’t his powers mystical in origin? And what about Syfy’s ripoff movie coming out this SAME weekend? What does this movie’s success or failure mean to the continuation of the Avengers series of movies?

Join the discussion, and hear what we have to say about this weekend’s big box office version of Ragnarok!

Show Feeds:

Show Notes:

Rotten Tomatoes: 83%
Metacritic: 60/100
Favorable response to film as a whole is sparking sequel talk

Early viewers do NOT recommend the 3D version (looks better in 2D)
- Perhaps attributed to the color palette used in Asgard (gold/brown/black – details get blurred)

10 minutes of Behind The Scenes footage: Part 1 // Part 2


Thor is Science Fiction in this movie
- Origin story was totally mythological, but changed in the 90s to being alien technology
* Video Link :
- “indistinguishable from magic”

SyFy movie by the same name?
Thor is public domain. So are a few other superheroes!
- “The bible itself is just a fan fiction anthology.”

Captain America will get a new costume for “Avengers”

Other movie links:

A great write-up with lots of behind-the-scenes info, courtesy of

Thor’s powers get stolen a lot
A gallery of high res stills
A look at LOKI, who is confirmed as involved in the Avengers movie
- Being compared favorably to Baltar (BSG)
- Performance has received nothing but praise, so far


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May 5th, 2011 at 11:37 pm