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The Techie Geek – Episode 43 – Show Notes

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GotoMeeting  Hold your meetings online for just $49/mo. Try GoToMeeting FREE for 30 days helps your un-needed Linux box find a needy home has a web based photo editor and other web based graphics tools
My TomTom One 130. See TomTom’s GPL page I love everything about the TomTom only the Garmin has a brighter screen
My wife’s Garmin Nuvi 200 has a brighter screen than the TomTom
I have a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx that cost 3 times what the TomTom does but is no more accurate than the TomTom One 130
TomTom MapShare Community
The Astronomy Cast Podcast
The Galileo Scope Project allows you to purchase a decent telescope for $15 and donate telescopes for $12.50
2009 is The International Year of Astronomy
I use two Astronomy programs on my Ubuntu laptop, Celestia and Stellarium
Check out The Computer History Museum. I love the “Selling the Computer” exhibit
InSSIDer is an awesome free wireless network discovery tool for Windows similar to NetStumbler
tail -F /var/log/http/access.log(same a -f but jumps to new file if .log rolls over)
The Great Tech Debate
What’s a LiveCD?
The Going Linux Podcast
Linux Reality podcast. The one on the Linux file system is excellent
Find a Linux User Group (LUG) near you
Sign up for Linux related email lists
Webmin makes learning the administration of a Linux machine easier for someone who is use to Windows
Use Webmin to easily setup schedules tasks using crontab
Setup OpenSSH with Synaptic Package Manager and then use Webmin to tweak the configuration files
You can easily create a Dual Boot Windows/Linux machine using the Wubi Installer
I like using VirtualBox for testing Linux distros
Portable Ubuntu Remix for Windows (formly knownm as Portable Ubuntu for Windows) allows you to run Linux as an app inside Windows
Cygwin was the way I use to have a bash command line in Windows
What is a .bat file?
WINE, Cross-Over Office, and Cedega allows you to run Windows apps in Linux
Check out DistroWatch to learn about what distros are out there
Check out and the Ubuntu Forums for answers to your Linux questions
With most of the world’s 6.8 billion people never having used a computer the OS battles are just beginning
The Ohio Linux Fest 2009
The Atlanta Linux Fest
The Florida Linux Show 2009

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Written by Russ Wenner

July 19th, 2009 at 4:58 am

The Techie Geek – Episode 33 – Show Notes

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Get your own System76 computer with 64-Ubuntu pre installed
Install Webmin on all your Linux machines to make administering them easy
Install OpenSSH server on you Linux machines. You can install OpenSSH server on you Windows machines but its not exactly native, I suggest just installing it on your Linux machines until your comfortable with it. Consider changing your default SSH from 22 to something else, see this link for some help. (It’s easy to do in Webmin too)
Use FileZilla in SFTP mode to securely transfer files between your Windows and Linux machines
Use FreeNX and and the free cross-platform NX client app from NoMachine
I also like using TightVNC for remote controlling machines
The Linux Alternative Project” shows you Windows equivalent programs are available in Linux (more than you think!).  Find a whole Googles-worth here
Get a little help switching from Windows to Linux over at

Regarding Public Service Announcement: If you have a working laptop computer you want to donate please send an email to “noel.saliba AT” or drop in the IRC chat room #linuxcrazy on and ask “weidedout” your questions. Check out these links “Hear Say Spoken English Tutor” and “Grow Church“. Thank you.

Check out these great podcast sites: and

Written by Russ Wenner

March 1st, 2009 at 6:22 am