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The Techie Geek – Episode 99 – Show Notes

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The contest drawing was at 7PM Eastern on 4/16/12
Show 100 Grand Prize – ClickFree 500GB Portable Backup Drive
Show 100 First Prize – SanDisk Cruzer 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Coat Hanger HDTV Antenna!
Tivo Premiere
Acer Revo
Cord Cutters
Boxee Box
The Scale of the Universe 2
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
Subscribe to Astronomy Picture of the Day and get it delivered to your email
SimpleSysInfo retrieve information from your computer
SIW – System Information for Windows
Geo IP Tool
Ubuntu Kernel?
16 Linux Server Monitoring Commands You Really Need To Know
LinuxBasix Podcast
Nmon – a nice monitoring tool for Linux
Miro cross-platform video and music player
Tech News Today
Buzz Out Load coming to an end
PirateBox Takes File-Sharing Off The Radar and Offline
No joke: YouTube gets its first live comedy show
8 Microsoft Word Shortcuts You Probably Don’t Know
How Linus Torvalds Helped Bust a Microsoft Patent
Team Viewer
NTR Free Cloud
FBI Can’t Crack Android Pattern-Screen Lock
Lost Phone app
Audacity 2.0
Triplog GPS Mileage Tracker
Mike Tech Show
Support Details
TaskManager.xls is a simple taskmanager implemented in Excel
Run and RunOnce Registry Keys
New Tabs At End Chrome Extension
Totally Cool Tech
MP3tag under Wine
Monitor your Website’s Uptime with Google Docs
treeprint (download for Windows XP and older)
Karen’s Directory Print
Build A CFL Based Continuous Light Source
Russ’s camera is a Canon T3i
Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kit
Gmail Adds Follow-up Tags for Outgoing Mail
How to Remotely Shut Down or Restart Windows PCs
Ultra Virus Killer – Malware Removal and System Repair Multi-Tool
Roll Your Own Flexi-Ties to Secure and Store Frequently Used Cables
How to Create a Custom Ubuntu Live CD or USB the Easy Way
Popcorn Contains More Antioxidants Than Fruits and Vegetables

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Written by Russ Wenner

April 1st, 2012 at 6:09 am

The Techie Geek – Episode 35 – Show Notes

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South East Linux Fest
OS X is partially based on BSD Unix
Podnutz Episode 31 with guest Ben Burrows the creator of “The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows”
The non-Windows Ultimate Boot CD
The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows
Lucifer CPU test burner
List of tools for UBCD
List of tools for UBCDforWin
Download Microsoft XP Service Pack 3
Walk-Through for creating a Slip Stream XP CD with AutoStreamer
Walk-Through for creating a “Ultimate Boot CD for Windows”
Deep Burner
Index.dat Suite
Xplorer2 Lite
Disk Investigator
Floppy Repair
Explorer2fs for explorer Linux partitions
R-Linux for exploring ext2 and ext3 formatted partitions
TeamViewer for free Windows or Mac remote control
DNS Swiss Army Knife at
GIMP tutorials
Bash command line commands that you’ll actually use
101 PHP Tutorials for PHP Programmer Wannabe
50 Ways to Impress your Geeky Linux Friends
29 Music-making Apps for Linux
Videos at Linux Foundation
Send FREE Faxes from
EasyTag for fix audio tags
The Sansa Clip is an awesome audio player that can play MP3 and OGG
KeePassX for Linux opens the Windows KeePass database files
RunTime software makes GetDataBack
RemoteByMail is a free program to remote control machines by sending them emails
Tech-Vets podcast with Mike Smith of The Mike Tech Show and Carey Holzman from Computer America
Glary Utilities
Listen to the new hosts Sonny and Carl of the DistroWatch Weekly Podcast

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