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The Techie Geek – Episode 38 – Show Notes

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The SouthEast Linux Fest
The Ohio Linux Fest
The Great Tech Debate
Laptop Repair Videos by Steve Cherbino from Podnutz
Podnutz at Night
My Hard Drive Died Podcast with Steve Moulton
Who are RSM and ESR?
Which netbook should I buy?
HPR Ep 335 on netbooks
Dann Wasko’s blog post about his Meso
Pandora Internet Radio streaming music
Last FM streaming music
Free Music Archive
The DeadPod Grateful Dead podcast
Nokia N800 and N810
Sansa Clip 4GB refrub here at
FreeCommander is an awesome freeware file manager for Windows
OpenSUSE Build Service lets you build any flavor of distro you want
Harvard University Extension School Unix System Programming with professor Bruce Molay the author of “Understanding Unix/Linux Programming”
Berkeley Online Courses
Free online education list on JimmyR
Great old online book: “Illustrated UNIX System V/BSD”
Debian Package of the Day
Extract audio from YouTube or Flash
Synergy software KVM helps you find email addresses for cell phones
ReactOS is a FOSS implemention of Windows
Free VirtualBox image of ReactOS
GNU screen and irssi for IRC
Turbo IRC 7 is an awesome freeware IRC client for Windows
Search for trusted medical information on the Internet (the .ch extension is Switzerland)
“Spotlight on Windows” is a free Windows monitor
SandBoxie is a software sandbox for Windows
DropBox is free for up to 2GB and allows you to sync files between computers and is cross-platform
UbuntuOne is free for up to 2GB and is for syncing files across Ubuntu computers
Juice is a podcatcher for Windows
Robert’s Podcatcher is a new and promising podcatcher for Windows
WINE for runnng Windows software in Linux
Crossover Office is an excellent non-free application for running Windows software in Linux.  Codeweavers is the main supporter of WINE
TweeTree is an awesome way to watch your twitter feed
Twitter micro-blogging site
Indentica F/OSS micro-blogging site
What is Rick Rolling?

Check out these great podcast sites: and