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008: HTC Sues Apple with Google Patents

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Linux News Podcast LinuxNewsPodcast 1802 008: HTC Sues Apple with Google PatentsComing up on episode 8 of the Linux News Podcast… HTC Sues Apple with Google Patents, Mainframe Ubuntu Linux?, and Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla are Completely Blocking DigiNotar.

HTC Sues Apple with Google Patents
The patent wars continue with HTC suing Apple with patents it acquired from Google. Apple began the fight in early March of 2010, and now HTC is returning the fire. This time loaded with nine patents bought from Google. The lawsuit contends the Mac computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iCloud and iTunes are infringing patents for a way to upgrade software wirelessly; a way to transfer data between a microprocessor and a support chip; a method to store user preferences, and a way to provide consistent contact between application software and a radio modem.

Mainframe Ubuntu Linux?
ZDnet is reporting that, “Sources close to Canonical and IBM are telling me that Ubuntu may soon be certified on IBM’s System p mini-computers and blades and System z mainframes. When you think of “Ubuntu Linux,” you probably think of the community Linux distribution and the Linux desktop. That’s great, but Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company, also wants you to think of Ubuntu as a server and cloud operating system platform. To that end, Canonical has been working with IBM to get Ubuntu certified on IBM’s high-end System P Power hardware line and System z mainframes…. If all goes well, Ubuntu will be officially supported on System p within the month and it will be certified on the Z mainframes by year’s end.”

Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla are Completely Blocking DigiNotar
GNT is reporting that, “Microsoft, Google and Mozilla are blocking all SSL certificated sent by the Dutch authority DigiNotar. A Windows update will be made available to operating systems including XP. Google released a new updated version of Google Chrome on Saturday and Mozilla has made Firefox version 6.0.2 available…. Apple is still running behind on the updating of Safari…. [Microsoft has said] “We’ve deemed all DigiNotar certificates to be untrustworthy and have moved them to the Untrusted Certificate Store.”

Hacking Causing Growing Uncertainty
Security Park is reporting that, “[I]t isn’t you that’s been hacked. It’s your information stored by the companies you trust that’s been compromised. Since the start of this year, globally, there have been 365 data loss incidents involving [over] 126 [million] records. According to research by analyst house, Juniper Research, 90% of organisations have suffered data breaches in one form or another over the past 12 months. Testament to this is the number of household brands that have inadvertently divulged the information of hundreds of individuals…. We conservatively estimate that the average family’s personal information has been breached 10 times since June…. We’ve all got used to locking our front doors and keeping valuables out of sight. Until we can trust organisations to give our virtual possessions the same protection we need to take steps to protect ourselves.”

Nemesys is Porting their Games to Linux
Phoronix is reporting that, “Nemesys, a game studio run out of Budapest, is porting their game titles to Linux. The studio’s current titles include Fortix 2, A.C.S, and Ignite. Nemesys Ignite, in particular, is a very promising racing game that will surely roar things up for Linux…. A brief announcement concerning their love for Linux and porting their titles was made in a company blog post. “If you make a game, the users will come. More specifically, the Linux users… Everyone wants some entrainment on their platform of choice and we would like to deliver to such requests from the community. We’ve received a lot of inquiries over the past few months with our releases and upcoming titles from those that are curious about a Linux port. We can finally say, yes!”

Ice Cream Sandwich Coming in October or November
Engadget is reporting that, “Got your sights set on the next version of Android, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich? We knew it was coming near the end of the year, but we now at least have a slightly more specific time frame straight from the horse’s mouth. Google’s own Eric Schmidt revealed in an interview…. that ICS — the highly-anticipated update to Android that will merge elements of Honeycomb and Gingerbread into one universal OS — can be expected to arrive in October or November. This matches up with rumors saying the Nexus Prime will be released in the tenth month, but it’s the first time we’ve heard anything official from Google.”

Opera Dragonfly
The Linux Journal is reporting that, “Opera Software’s Opera Dragonfly is a new suite of open-source debugging tools for Web developers and designers that got its name because “it eats bugs”. The suite covers the full debugging work flow, from inspecting network access and downloaded resources to correcting JavaScript issues and seeing how CSS rules apply to the DOM. Opera Dragonfly supports all the newest Web technologies, including SVG and HTML5 APIs, such as Web Storage. Product benefits, says Opera, include a superior JavaScript debugger, a network inspector to discover why a site “turns to molasses” and a storage inspector to uncover how a site handles the data it collects. Opera Dragonfly loads automatically when one downloads the Opera browser.”

Rice University Double Capacity on 3G/4G Networks
OS News is reporting that, “The typical way to increase capacity on a network is to add more infrastructure, but that’s an expensive undertaking. It can also be time consuming and frustrating for network operators who have to get permission to put up new towers, or dig up the ground to lay cables. This is especially true in heavily populated areas where more antennas and traffic disruption are not what anyone wants to see. Rice University has come up with a groundbreaking solution, though. One that promises to at least double the capacity of existing networks with the addition of minimal extra hardware. That solution is full duplex wireless communication. This isn’t a new concept, but one that hasn’t been possible until now due to the inherent obstacles it throws up.”

KDE SC 4.7.1 Is Available for Download
Softpedia is reporting that, “The KDE developers were to proud to announce last evening in a press release that the KDE Software Compilation 4.7.1 is now available for upgrade to existing KDE users. KDE Software Compilation 4.7.1 is a version that is focusing on fixing last-minute bugs and finishing the required documentation and translations. Today KDE released updates for its Workspaces, Applications, and Development Platform. These updates are the first in a series of monthly stabilization updates to the 4.7 series…. [These]  are recommended updates for everyone running 4.7.0 or earlier versions…. Because it only contains fixes and translation updates, the KDE Software Compilation 4.7.1 release will be a pleasant and safe update for everyone.”

Bacon Justifies Ubuntu Decisions
OStatic is reporting that, “[It] Seems [that] Jono Bacon just can’t understand why users are still complaining about the drastic changes that came with Ubuntu 11.04 and the Unity desktop…. The issue for The Distro for Human Beings is that it doesn’t actually understand human beings…. People don’t like being told what to do, how to do it, where to do it, and how much we should enjoy doing it your way. You can try to dictate from up above how much better your way is, but you can’t make folks like it. You are there for the users and not the other way around. Without your users, you have no reason to be. Like many of your ilk, you’re under the impression that us lowly users are sheep… and must therefore follow your most exalted and elite judgment. You know best, right? We can’t possibly think for ourselves.”

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September 9th, 2011 at 3:55 pm

Haiku Review | LAS | s17e05

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We get caught in bed with another lady, and her name is Haiku! We give you a FULL review of this crazy great system, and why it just might give Linux a run for it’s money!

THEN – We react to Apple suing the Amahi project. Hint: We don’t like it!

Plus so much MORE!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Runs Linux:
Amazon EC2 now runs Red Hat Linux
Danica Patrick Day!
Android Pick:
Lookout Mobile Security
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Linux Pick:
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Apple hits Open Source startup Amahi with a cease and desist
Introducing the Nokia N9
MeeGo UX Guidelines
Nokia N9 first hands-on!
Stephen Elop’s Nokia Adventure
Sabayon Linux 6 is OUT!
Sabayon Looks Better Than Ever
Oracle wants billion-dollar amount from Google
GNOME Shell Extensions To Get A Website With One-Click Install Support

Haiku Alpha 3 REVIEW:
Haiku Project Homepage
Hands-on: running Haiku alpha 3 on a netbook

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