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The Techie Geek – Episode 72 – Show Notes

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mashpodder by Chess Griffin of “Linux Reality” fame
mashpooder walk through by Lee of the “Linux Basix” podcast
BashPodder by Linc of “The Linux Link Tech Show”
Juice podcast receiver
System76 computers pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux
pics of my System76 unboxing
“Android Apps Addicts” podcast
“GNU World Order” oggcast
Oggcast Planet
“Kernel Panic” oggcast (sorry I forgot to mention this one)
What is an Ogg file?
What is a Speex file?
“bsdtalk” podcast
“The DistroWatch Weekly” podcast
“The Deadpod” podcast
“FLOSS Weekly” podcast
“Frostcast” podcast by Jonathan of Frostbite Systems pre-installed with Linux
“Geek News Central” podcast
“Going Linux” podcast
“The Great Tech Debate” podcast
“Hacker Public Radio” network
“Linux Basement” podcast
“Linux Basix” podcast
“Linux Crazy” podcast
“Linux Outlaws” podcast
“Linux for the Rest of Us” podcast
“Lotta Linux Links” oggcast
“Linux Reality” podcast R.I.P.
“Mike Tech Show” podcast (look for “How to Prepare a Resume” episode)
“mintcast” podcast
“My Hard Drive Died” podcast
“Nutz at Night” podcast
“Podnutz” podcast
“Podnutz Daily” podcast
“QSK Cast” oggcast
“Linux in the Ham Shack” podcast
“The Retrobits Podcast” (Chuck Peddle interview Part 1 of 4 and Bil Herd interview part 1 of 3)
“Sourcetrunk” podcast
“The Techie Geek” podcast
“Tech Vets” podcast
“The Linux Link Tech Show” podcast
“TuxRadar” podcast
“Ubuntu UK” podcast
“Watch it Online” podcast
Talks from DefCon, Shmoocon, The Next Hope
Talks from The 2009 SouthEast Linux Fest, The 2010 Ohio Linux Fest, The 2010 Texas Linux Fest
On the Roku I watch “HAK 5” and “

Check out these great podcast sites: and

Written by Russ Wenner

September 30th, 2010 at 3:10 am