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The Techie Geek – Episode 51 – Show Notes

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GotoMeeting Hold your meetings online for just $49/mo. Try GoToMeeting FREE for 30 days helps your un-needed Linux box find a needy home

Windows 7 Home Premium for Students and Teachers deal through Digital River, you must have a valid .edu email address
How to create a .iso file from .box files and HERE
sbackup in Ubuntu
Going Linux podcast shows on Linux backup solutions episodes 29 and 31
Mike Tech Show podcast
CDLinux is a light weight Linux LiveCD that can be used like Knoppix
Awesome list of Linux Live CD’s
Core BTS sponsored the half day security conference where the keynote speaker was  Frank Abagnale
The movie “Catch Me if you Can” was based on the life of Frank Abagnale, check out his publications
Watch Frank Abagnale’s talk about his life
Linux Journal Issue 1 from 1994
Retro-Computing and The Retrobits Podcast
Hamachi VPN from LogMeIn
What’s the deal with Pre-Black-Friday sales?
TrendMicro Housecall online virus and spyware scanner
Sansa Clip Plus and HERE
Sansa Fuze
Compare portable audio players
John Maddog Hall
IrfanView is my favorite photo editor for Windows
Photoscape is a freeware photo editor for Windows that has some unique features such as easy collage creation
Web site to help deal with rouge virus scanners is a simple GUI for admin mySQL makes checking your web site in different browsers easy is and excellent web site for finding the best prices on books is an excellent site for finding the best price on text books will help you find wireless access helps you crack password hashes
IronGeek videos from this year’s Louisville Infosec 2009 conference
NTRconnect is a free service that allows you gui control of remote Linux boxes
Microsoft is awarded a patent for sudo technology. Here’s the write-up on Groklaw and here’s the actual patent

Check out these great podcast sites: and